Where to Buy Kegs

where to buy kegs

“Where to buy kegs” is probably a bigger question than what you might think. This is mainly due to that purchasing a keg can be quite a difficult decision.

The reason it can be quite difficult is that there are so many different types and sizes of kegs. On top of that, it can be quite challenging to find a good reputable keg retailer.

Once you do find a good retailer, the prices can vary from being a bargain right through to so expensive you may reconsider buying one.

You can buy kegs from specialty retail stores, but these vary quite a bit from state to state and again could be completely different depending on the country you’re currently residing.

This variety makes it really important that you check to see that individual retailers or breweries do in fact, sell kegs, or you might be finding yourself in a state of frustration trying to find a reseller.

What type do I need?

Two different main types of kegs are currently on the market. I will briefly explain the types and anything you should be aware of when you’re looking to buy them.

The sanke keg is the type that you will find in pubs and breweries. It is the type that you typically end up with when you go to rent a keg from a brewery.

You also need to be careful on where you buy this type of keg. This is because the sanke kegs are often rented out from large breweries as I mentioned above.

The large rental market means quite a few of the sanke kegs that are up for sale are usually stolen kegs that people have rented out and decided to sell. This is most likely because people often think that a deposit on a keg covers the cost and they don’t need to return it instead they sell it off costing the brewery money.

If you’re a home brewer, then a Cornelius keg is probably the best type that will suit you. These are a lot easier to clean, maintain and hold a decent amount of beer. You will find that most home brewing equipment has been designed for use with a corny keg. These are widely available and can be found for sale at any good retailer.

If you’re just after a prefilled keg that isn’t for home brewing, then you can find these at your local brewery. You will need to put a deposit down for the keg before they will deliver it to you. You can also sometimes find the same service online depending on where you’re living. You can find pre filled mini kegs from big brands such as Heineken and these are usually available at your local bottle shop.

If looking for where to buy kegs then check any reputable home brewing stores, keg manufactures and even reuse shops. You can also find a wide range of kegs on Amazon as well.

Buying Locally

Finding a keg reseller locally is actually harder than it sounds this is because most major keg retailers don’t sell to the public and many reuse shops have stolen kegs that were originally rented out.

If you know a local home brewing store they will probably know where you’re able to find some quality kegs you can buy. Sometimes they will find a certain type of keg for you. Alternatively asking your local brewery may also help.

If you’re still unable to find anywhere local to buy a keg from then you can look online. I briefly explain below on where you’re likely going to be able to pick up a keg online.

Where to Buy Kegs Online

Alternatively, you are able to buy quality beer kegs from online stores these range from local stores offering an online service to giants such as Amazon offering kegs for sale.

Finding beer kegs online is probably the easier way to finding quality kegs for a decent price. However, there is also some disadvantages to buying online as well.  This includes not being able to see the condition of the keg if it has been refurbished. Also having to go on the specs that are supplied by the store and also the possibility of an increased freight charge. However, none of these should be much of an issue if you’re buying for a reputable store.

If you’re looking on where to buy kegs be sure to check out amazon for some pretty quality kegs.

If you have any tips on where you’re able to buy kegs from then please feel free to leave a comment below. Also please let me know if there is anything that is incorrect in this article.