The sixth barrel keg or also known as the 1/6 barrel keg is roughly the same size as a corney keg. It is most popular amongst boutique pubs and avid home brewers.

The Sixth Barrel Keg

This keg has been designed to fit a lot better than a lot of the other variations reason why this keg type is becoming the perfect choice for establishments that want something smaller than a half barrel.

As the sixth barrel keg has a smaller base it allows retailers to have a greater variety in beers in a smaller space than if they were using a half barrel.

This is great for retailers who focus on boutique beers where a larger range of beers is preferred then quantity of just one. With that said retailers can still stock up on one type of beer as they you can fit the same amount beer stored in 1/6 barrel kegs into the same area as a fatter keg.

Even though these are popular among retailers they’re also loved by home brewers. The main reason behind this is you don’t need to make a huge amount of beer to fill these kegs completely up unlike a larger sized one.

You will find that these kegs will often have a sanke type connection making them a bit more difficult to access then the popular soda kegs. If you have the right equipment however the sanke connection will be no problem at all.

How many gallons in a 1/6 barrel keg

The 1/6 barrel keg holds about 5.2 gallons when completely full. It also weighs in at about 14 to 15 pounds (6.3 -6.8kg) when empty or about 58-60 pounds(26-27 kg) when full.

The sixth barrel keg is slightly bigger in both size and volume than the cornelius keg. Unlike the corny keg this only contains one fitting that allows for the flow of gas and beer.

The dimensions of this kind of keg typically sits at a width of about 10” and a height of 24”. This may vary slightly depending on where you buy it from but it shouldn’t be too much different from these measurements. It’s always best to double check the measurements when you’re buying a keg just in case they are different to the standard.

You will roughly get about 56 12 fl oz glasses or 42 pints (16 oz) out of one full barrel of beer or wine. Again this may vary if the size is slightly different to the standard.

Where to buy sixth barrel keg

Since the sixth barrel keg is mostly used by brewers you will most likely find it only for sale at reputable keg resellers. However you can still find refurbished versions of this barrel at many good retail outlets or second hand stores. The prices will vary depending on what you prefer as you would imagine the refurbished kegs are a lot cheaper than the brand new ones.