A sanke keg is often regarded as a very difficult keg to maintain as a home brewer. This difficulty is because they are for commercial use and not your typical home brewer thus is a lot harder to clean and maintain than the corny keg.
Sanke Keg
Just because they’re for commercial use doesn’t mean you won’t see them being used by homebrewers and after craftsmen. You will find that there a lot of people who will tell you that using a sanke keg for homebrewing isn’t too bad.

This keg is usually only for commercial use but is also used by home brewers as well. A sanke keg only has a 2 in 1 connection rather than a Cornelius keg that has two connections.

Sanke Keg Dimensions

The sanke keg like the corny keg comes in all sorts of sizes, but they typically start from 5.2 gallons holding right up to 16 gallons of beer.

The sanke keg dimensions are as followed:

Keg NameWidthHeightLiters/Gallons
Sixth Barrel10″24″20L/5.23G
Quarter Barrel/Pony17″14″30L/7.75G
Slim Quarter12″24″30L/7.5G
Half Barrel17″21″50L/13.2G
Full Barrel 17”24”58.7L/15.5G

*Dimensions may vary slightly.

Sanke Keg Fermenter

You can convert this keg, so you end up with a sanke keg fermenter. This conversion allows you to ferment beer in the keg and you don’t need to do a considerable amount of work to convert the keg.

This type of keg because of its stainless steel body is great for the fermentation body. It doesn’t let in light, oxygen and is much safer than glass as it doesn’t shatter.

The most common way to convert a sanke keg to a fermenter is to buy a kit. You can find these kegs at a lot of home brewing stores.

Where can I Buy a Sanke Keg

The best place to buy sanke keg is most likely at a recycling yard or a reputable keg/home brewing store.

You need to keep in mind that breweries usually buy these kegs and leased out to consumers. Consumers often don’t return the kegs and then either sell them on or use it themselves for home brewing. This damages breweries as they need to pay to replace the keg so make sure you buy a sanke keg from a reputable supplier.