A pin lock keg uses the pin method for both the connection and disconnection of the liquid and gas lines. This keg connector was most commonly in use by Coca-Cola while the alternative ball lock mechanism was in use by PepsiCo.

As we mentioned above the alternative to the pin lock is the ball lock keg. Instead of the pins it instead uses balls to form a lock, the ball lock variant is more popular and slightly more expensive. If you want more information regarding the ball lock keg, then be sure to check out our guide.

The way a pin lock works is that there are metal pins that extend outwards away from the port. When you place the connect on the pins will hold it in place. You will find that all the kegs are designed so that the gas in line has two pins while the liquid line has three pins. This design makes it hard to attach the wrong hoses accidentally.

pin lock keg parts

You will find that the pin lock is harder to remove from the keg when compared to the back lock. This hard removal is because of pressure that has built up in the corny keg makes it hard to move the disconnect, you might even end up with broken disconnects if it doesn’t want to come off. This difficulty is one of the main reasons why everyone is moving to the ball lock mechanism.

You will also find that the pin lock is shorter and fatter as it needs the extra room to lock into the pins sticking out of the port.

If you’re looking at buying a pin lock keg, then you can find a quite a few kegs for sale at many reputable online retailers.

If you have a ball lock keg, you’re able to convert to the pin lock keg if that’s something you would like to do. You will need to look at investing in a conversion kit and also the time to do the fittings.

Pin Lock Keg Kit

Pin Lock Keg

You can get a pin lock keg kit that will allow you to tap and existing keg that is designed to accept pin locks.

You will find that most kits will include the following items:

  • Quick connect gas ¼” inch barb
  • Quick liquid gas ¼” inch barb
  • Beer faucet
  • Typically, some tubing for the dispensing of beer.

If you’re interested in buying a pin lock kit, then you should check out our recommended kit through the link below.

You can also get conversion kits that allow you change the fittings on an existing keg. This kit is great if you wish to use start using the pin mechanism instead of the ball lock.

You will find a few extra things in the conversion kit that you won’t find in the normal discussed above.

    • Gas and liquid MFL pin lock disconnects
    • 5/16 and 1/4 barbed swivel nut set (These are for connecting lines to Converted Sanke and disconnects on gas and beer lines)
  • 2x 1/4MFL tailpieces
  • 2x stainless worm clamps

If you’re looking at buying a pin lock conversion kit, then you can find it below.