The mini keg is a smaller keg and is often seen in bottle shops available for sale, these kegs only 5 litres of beer but is still a favourite by many beer drinkers.

You will get about 14 (12 Oz) or 10 (16 Oz/pints) beers in a mini keg. These are likely to vary depending on how much fluid is in the actual keg. They really don’t hold very much beer so these are more of a novelty item rather storage of a lot of beer.

Depending on the brand they usually come with a spout that is located near the bottom of the keg so that uses gravity to help force the beer out. An alternative variation of the mini keg uses a low cost pressurized tap that uses pressure to force the beer out.

Mini Keg

Mini Keg for Sale

Mini kegs are usually not used by homebrewers this is because as a brewer you would need multiple kegs to brew one batch of beer. Instead a Cornelius keg is a much more appropriate size.

You will however find that the mini keg is used by the big breweries to sell the brews and offering an alternative to bottles. With that said you can still find mini kegs for sale for use in home brewing.

In terms of mini keg brands you will most likely only find Heineken & Coors on the market. However there are some microbreweries that will provide you with these. The best chance of finding any of these will be to check your local bottle shop.

If you are after a mini keg for home brewing then you can find them for sale at most online and offline retailers. The coolest thing about buying online is that you can get the item shipped to door avoiding any hassle of trying to get it back home.

Mini Keg Dispenser

Many people who love these smaller size kegs will often buy a mini keg dispenser to help dispense their beer at a nice cool temperature. These are designed so that you just simply insert your recently purchased mini keg into the system and then have chilled beer on tap in no time at all.

You will also find that these cool devices can neatly sit on the top of your bench top without taking up too much room like most other kind of dispensers.

The price range on these dispensers range from costing very little to getting pretty expensive, it really depends what suits your needs.