Kegerators: Find The Best Kegerator for sale


If you’re after a quality kegerator for sale and information on them, then you’re in the right place.

Kegerators are a great way to cool your beer down while it is still in the keg. This method allows you have nice cool draft beer from the tap. You will find that some are specially made for certain types of kegs. The best example of this is the Heineken keg that holds their branded mini-kegs you can buy at bottle shops.

If you’re a home brewer and looking at switching from bottles to kegs, then you’re making the absolute right decision. Beer kegs are a lot easier to clean and keep maintained. If you top it off with a good quality kegerator, you can have beer on tap all the time.

You can find our full range of guides on Kegerators below. We are always adding more so be sure to check in the future.

Heineken Kegerator: The Heineken BeerTender

The Heineken kegerator has been designed to hold a Heineken mini keg and keep the beer inside cold. These mini kegerators are gaining in popularity as they are small, quiet, produce mess than bottles and simply gets the job done. Heineken Beertender maintains the beer...

Undercounter Kegerator

An undercounter kegerator has been designed to fit nicely into a pre-existing kitchen, entertainment area and much more. As the name points out, this can fit under most standard counters/benches. As I mentioned before this allows you to install it in places such as...

Dual Tap Kegerator

A dual tap kegerator or also known as a two tap kegerator is a setup that allows for the connection and cooling of kegs. These setups will allow you to have a professional looking beer tap solution right in your very own home. Why a Dual Tap Kegerator A dual tap...

A kegerator is a term used to describe a household draught or draft dispensing unit. The keg which would usually hold beer is kept in a refrigerated container so that the keg is kept cold. This method means that the keg can be kept in the device for an extended time usually a couple of months without losing any quality in the taste of beer.

When you compare the number of beers in a keg to a typical home brewing bottle, you will see you can fit an entire batch of brew in just one keg. This one keg will make your life a lot easier as you only need to clean and sanitize one thing. The costs of buying a keg and looking for quality Kegerators is significantly higher than bottling but well worth the time and money.

The kegerator is hugely popular amongst the home brewing crowd with many people setting up a fridge set up so that they can serve their homebrew nice and cold and also, so it doesn’t go off as fast. They are also great for parties or for just having a few friends around. Another great thing is that you’re able to show off some of your amazing homebrew creations using a kegerator.

There are quite a few variations on the kegerator such as the undercounter kegerator or the many versions with different taps. The best advice is to go with the one that will fit in your home without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Many people use what is known as a kegerator conversion kit to convert what would be a regular refrigerator or freezer into a beer/alcohol dispensing unit. A lot of people will buy a second-hand fridge or freezer and use that to convert that into a working beer dispenser.

A second-hand kegerator is a great way to be able to save some money rather than buying a brand new one which can start to get expensive. However, you may end up needing to spend a while setting it up properly so it will work perfectly.

Overall if you’re looking to keg your beer you will need to take a look at the kegerator prices as these can vary quite a bit. A conversion kit is often a good option if you’re low on cash and don’t want to be spending too much.

Either way, the result is a nice chilled beer from the tap what will impress anyone who is a beer lover or love the idea of homemade goods.

Be sure to check back in the future as we are always adding more great Kegerators for sale.