How much does a keg cost is a common question asked it comes to purchasing a keg for either home brewing, a party and much more. In this guide, I will take you through everything you need to know about the cost of a keg.

Now there are two most likely reasons you’re looking at buying the first being you want a keg of beer for a part and the second that you want to start storing your beer.

Below I will answer the question how much does a keg cost for both of these likely reasons you want to know the answer.

Buying a keg for a party

Buying a keg for a party

If you’re looking at getting a keg for a party, then you will need to find a local brewery who provides this service. Typically, you will need to leave a refundable deposit for the keg and tap.  If you own your kegs, some breweries will be happy to fill it for you, but you will need to check around.

Below are the typical prices you will find to fill or rent a half barrel keg (50L/7.75 G).

  • Cheap/Budget beer is about $80
  • Average beer is about $100
  • Premium is about $140

These prices will of course vary depending on where you are currently in the world and which vendor you decide to buy from.

If you’re looking to see how many beers in a keg so that you know how many beers you will get, then be sure to check out the guide on it.

Now, remember the refundable a deposit doesn’t mean you own the keg so if you don’t return it the keg it is considered stolen (The deposit helps reduce the damage to a brewery from stolen kegs).

Buying a keg for storing beer

How much does a Keg Cost

If you intend to buy a keg outright so that you can store your beer or somebody else’s beer, then the prices will vary a little.

Below are about the averages you will pay for a brand new & used kegs:

  • Mini Keg: $20
  • Cornelius Keg: $110
  • Pony Keg: $60
  • Half Barrel: $85

If you want more accurate prices on how much does a keg cost, then you will need to go straight to a retailer. There are plenty of keg retailers around both online and in local retail shops.

Now if you’re more of a home brewing person, you will probably want to get a Cornelius keg. The main reason is that the Cornelius keg is a lot easier to clean than a Sanke keg. It is due to its design making it much easier to clean and maintain.

We hope this article has helped answer how much does a keg cost if you’re looking for more guides and information then be sure to check them out.