Heineken Kegerator

The Heineken kegerator has been designed to hold a Heineken mini keg and keep the beer inside cold. These mini kegerators are gaining in popularity as they are small, quiet, produce mess than bottles and simply gets the job done.

Heineken Beertender maintains the beer at a nice cool temperature of 37ׄ° Fahrenheit (3 ° Celsius). Every time you dispense beer, the system will release CO2 into the keg.  This method ensures that the beer keeps that fresh, crisp taste for longer. It also allows for the beer to be kept fresh for up to approximately 30 days before you will need to replace it with a new keg.

If you’re a heavy drinker of mini kegs, then you should certainly look at investing in one of these. If you’re after a kegerator that can handle larger kegs, then check you should check out the home beer kegerator page.

Why the Heineken Kegerator

The Heineken kegerator is an affordable way to get your mini kegs cold and is nice and compact so it won’t take up much space on your kitchen bench. It is well worth looking into if you buy a lot of their standard mini kegs.

It is also dead easy to use all you need to do is run the mini kegs plastic tube into the BeerTender tap. It takes less than 15 seconds to have it all ready to go.

The other features you will find is an LED temperature display, detachable sprout, removable tray for easy cleaning and much more.

One downside of the Heineken BeerTender will need to replace the tubes as these are intended to be discarded after use. You get 5 with the unit, but after that, you will need to buy some more once you run out.

You can get larger kegerators, but these would only be worth it if you’re a large consumer of beer and have access to the larger sized kegs.

If need to more tubes you can find the BeerTender tubes for sale through the link below.

Keeping the Heineken BeerTender Maintained

The Heineken BeerTender doesn’t need a massive amount of maintenance to keep it working. You will need to make sure the underside of the drip tray and pour sprout are kept clean.

The best way to do this is to give it a good clean every time you change the empty beer kegs. It is also important to check that you can buy mini kegs near wherever you live or that you can get it delivered.

If you’re interested in buying one of these kegerators, then be sure to check out our recommended retailer through the link below.