Different Keg Sizes

In this guide, we take a look at different keg sizes and the pros and cons of each size.  Hopefully, this guide helps you in finding out the information you’re interested in learning. If you’re interested where to buy kegs, then be sure to check out the guide on that too.

There are many other variations of keg sizes, but in this guide, we will mention the most popular ones. If you’re looking for more information on a specific keg, then be sure to check out our section on some of the most popular beer kegs.

The most Common Different Keg Sizes

Below are six different keg sizes that you will currently find on the market. Each has their pros and cons that we will briefly go into, so you get a general understanding of the different sizes.

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Sixth Barrel

The sixth barrel keg is one of the smallest kegs you’re able to get except for the mini keg. The dimensions of this keg sit at around 10” wide and 24” high and hold about 20L/5.23 gallons of liquid.

This size is a favorite with a lot of smaller breweries or breweries that focus on the range rather than quantity. This choice is because you can have many different types of beers without taking up too much room.  This keg is probably the size you will find most Cornelius kegs to be.

Quarter Barrel/Pony

The quarter barrel keg or also known as the pony keg is second on our chart for keg sizes. This barrel holds 30L/7.75G of beer and is about 14” and 17” wide. The shape of this particular keg is very similar to the full barrel, but being easier to move due to its lighter load.

These are not very common amongst homebrewers, but you will find them used more for small to medium-sized parties.

Slim Quarter

The slim quarter is the keg that is placed third on our chart for keg sizes below. This keg holds about 30L or 7.5G of beer and is about 12” wide and 21” high.

This keg is commonly used at small parties where you don’t require a huge amount of beer or would prefer a variety of different types of beer.

Half Barrel

The half barrel is the fourth keg you will find on our keg sizes chart below. This keg holds about 50L/13.2G and is about 17” wide and 21” high.

It is a very common keg you find at large events and parties. It is very likely you have seen this one before. This one isn’t nearly as popular as the smaller variations due to most people wanting a variety of beers rather than just one.

Full Barrel

The full barrel keg is the largest keg you can find around sitting about 17” wide and 24” high.

You will most likely find these used by large pubs, festivals & breweries due to their ability to hold such a significant amount of beer.

The full barrel kegs are usually not in use by microbreweries or homebrewers as a variety of beer is preferred over lots of just one.

Keg Size Chart

Check out the keg sizes chart below for an overall view of specifications of each keg. It includes the volume, dimensions and any other information that will be helpful.

Keg NameWidthHeightLitres/Gallons
Sixth Barrel10”24”20L/5.23G
Quarter Barrel/Pony17”14”30L/7.75G
Slim Quarter12”24”30L/7.5G
Half Barrel17”21”50L/13.2G
Full Barrel 17”24”58.7L/15.5G

I hope this chart helps when comparing the different keg sizes and that you have been able to find what you’re looking for. If we have missed anything or you have something to share, then be sure to leave us a comment below.