A ball lock keg uses a specific technique for connecting and disconnecting the liquid and gas lines to a keg. This type of connection is the most common version you will find around at the writing of this article.

The alternative to the ball lock is the pin lock keg, instead of using balls it uses pins thus the name. You will find these are much cheaper than the ball lock if you want to find out more information on the pin lock keg then be sure to check out the fantastic guide to them.

These locks are the two types of connections that you will find for the corny keg. You will find that it means when people talk about these locks they may refer the kegs to ball lock Corny keg. This name refers to the type of connection in use on that particular version of the Cornelius keg.

The ball lock is much easier to take apart than other locks you can buy such as the pin lock. This easiness is one of the reasons that they are one of the most popular locks you can buy for you keg. These are very popular with the corny keg.Ball Lock Keg

Connection & Disconnection

These are easier to disassemble than the other sorts of locks such as pin locks making them the preferred choice when it comes to choosing pin locks or ball locks.

A ball lock disconnects work by lifting up the collar of the lock and then pushing it onto the keg connection point. Once done you merely release the collar and the connection is now ready for use.

You need to keep in mind when you’re connecting your keg up to make sure you connect the gas and liquid to the correct barbs. If you fail to do this, you may end up with a seized up keg connections. The pin lock doesn’t have this problem as both the gas and liquid lines have a different amount of pins.
ball lock keg parts

The Ball Lock Keg Kit

If you have chosen this type of connection or already have kegs with it, you can get a ball lock keg kit that will allow you to tap a keg so you can get the beer flowing.

If you want to convert an existing beer keg, then be sure to check out the information a little further down the page.

Most ball lock kits you will find around will include the following items:

  • Quick connect gas ¼” inch barb
  • Quick liquid gas ¼” inch barb
  • Beer faucet
  • Typically, there will be some tubing for hooking everything up.

If you’re looking at converting your old pin lock keg to a ball lock, this can easily be achieved by using ball lock conversion kit. You can find a kit for sale through the link below.